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Some time in Studio today, after taking care of the Ranch and between watching the start and end of the Michigan-Ohio game. OK. Congratulations to the Buckeyes, Big 10 champs. 'K, that's done.

Studio time was for shooting some photos that Herself wants for the Levy County Fair web site; that, and an Ot-tars get-together. Received a couple packages yesterday, one of which pleased me as I'd about resigned myself to being stiffed through e-Bay for the first time. It simply seems to've taken a lot longer for the package to be delivered. Feedback posted; if that seller doesn't like that I rated the feedback 'neutral' (the text is not derogatoray, simply states the item arrived in good condition but shipping took way longer than expected), well, too bad. The second package which arrived is from another e-Bay auction which closed a week and a couple days after seller #1 shipped, and arrived within 3 days of payment. Still one more package outstanding.

However, it does mean there's a couple more ot-tars hanging out here. One of them only briefly, but the other looks to be a more-or-less permanent fixture. I'll leave it to either Popper or Dredd Phredd to do the introductions. Though some members of the Ottars Mob have actually already met one of them.

The other pictures are of toy race-car shells (they had radio-control components inside during the fair) and T-shirts. When those are ready I'll probably just post the link to the Levy County Fair web site for you.

Tonight... Herself's famous Home-Made Chili with Home-Baked bread. Eat your hearts out, suckah's!
Tags: fun, otterz mob, photography, ranch, studio

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