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Appointment with Dr. Mac, an orthopod I know and trust who specialises in spines. See, a couple years ago, I slipped on a slick spot on our back door ramp on my way out to work, fell hard and hurt my back. It's been bothering me the past few months. Curiously enough that ramp was built to help a friend get in and out of the house following her spinal surgery by one of Dr. Mac's students. At the time friend lived in a 4th floor walk-up apartment, and while her planning for post-operative recover was extensive and well done, it overlooked one small detail. Fresh spinal fusion post-op, 4th floor walk-up apartment.

The good news is, I don’t need back surgery anytime in the near future. This is because my back pain is due most probably to a kidney stone. It is to laugh.

Some grocery shopping on the way home, for essentials for Thursday. More needed later, just essentials this day because indeed the market proved a madhouse for the Night Before Thanksgiving.

An excellent dinner cooked by Herself, featuring prime roast rib from the Bovine Formerly Known as Wellington. If not the 'traditional' fare, we did this by choice as I'd laid in a turkey the weekend before. So we've still got options, and turkey went into freezer.

An office day, book keeping, and to run errands for the other groceries needed.

Sleeping in over the weekend. Waking up the usual time, around 04:00 or 05:00, using the head and back to bed. Getting other things done too but truly, not a lot. Inventoried hose repair parts this morning, then went out and bought more. Only one duplicate replacement part, which is OK. I can use the one duplicate on the hose out to the horse water. The water out to the cows is repaired. Herself wants to use two landscape timbers to protect the hose where we occasionally drive across it. We also moved a bronze cut-off from horse water to the hose bib up close to the front door of the Big House.

I also tightened up the fitting on the hose to the washer. The washer if fed by a hose because it's on the back porch of Studio 318, which has been without water service since the Month of Hurricanes in '04. That hose needs to be replaced in entirety, with several little holes along the length. So replacing is better than patching. This fitting needed to be tightened up stop the dripping at the window ledge. New hose will be purchased on the way home from work tomorrow; I'm avoiding going into either Hoggetown or Ocala this weekend. The repair parts were in fact purchased locally, supporting our Ace Hardware. I think five customers clamoured for attention (with me being # 5).

Went over the pictures for the portrait commissions as well; they’ve been resized, rotated as needed. Now I need to place the photographer’s mark and I’ll be ready to burn to CD’s and mail them off. The burn time counts as part of post-production.

In betweens and betwhens, rounds made with Border Collie Bros, rides provided to some Border Collies, and amusement provided by cows, goats, and horses.
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