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I do not, as a general rule, recall even dreaming when I awake. So the fact that lately I've indeed recalled that I dreamt is strange enough. Couple this with remembering at least bits and pieces of those dreams, and, well, Hmm.....

In several dreams recently I remember knowing that I was someplace other than my usual location, and this despite the fact that whatever I could see in the respective dream didn't correspond to the places that I knew I was at.

Where those places are, I do not recall. Just that I wasn't here, and I knew where I was that isn't here.

In one, however, I am rather curious about what I saw, reflected. Several people with whom I've discussed tattoos (on LJ and off) will know that I don't regard myself as a canvas; I've never felt the slightest inclination to get a tat. In fact, I don't even write notes on myself as some people will, reminders about things to get done at work or where ever, phone numbers, whatever, I just don't.

In one dream I saw a strip tattoo across my back, just below the tips of the shoulder blades. I will say the work was extraordinarily good, being very Georgia O'Keefe-ish southwestern motif, with either end comprising a longhorn cow skull...
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