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Mr Stone

Is history. Gone. Good-bye. In fact, procedure went well, in some ways better than expected. Mr Stone broke into four pieces when directly touched with the right tool. Two pieces fairly large, and the other two small. Small pieces fished out directly, or ground down and captured directly. Some concern about a pneumothorax initially (this would be air in a part of the chest it doesn't belong), but this proved not to be the case.

Morphine did not touch the pain post-op, and dilaudid and I got along much too well; I forgot to breathe. Silly me, neh? So fairly late before I left the PACU (recovery room). Been controlling things fine with Percocet since then.

Oh, and ichthyus if you get this in time the answer is Yes.

Reason I say that, procedure went well enough that no external drains other than Mr Foley Catheter needed, and Mr Foley came out this morning. If I can (WARNING WARNING WILL ROBINSON GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) pee fine without it, there is a chance I can go home today.

Then again there is a chance I won't want to; breakfast this morning did not agree with me; came in, went out. This could be last vestiges of anesthetic or something to watch. Original plan had two nights in hospital, so if I stay another night, no worries. Just right now I'm fine drinking a lot of water, but not particularly interested in eating. Lunch is ... a later proposition.

At any rate, with that being a goal (going home today) I've just posed for radiographic portraits of my chest (that pesky possible pneumothorax) and kidney (to make sure all remnants of Mr Stone are indeed Off the Premises). And very happy to have a designated driver for the wheelchair. Everything's... moooving...

ETA: (and still behind the cut for graphic) PEEEE glorious Pee! It's red, but then again did rather insult Mr Kidney yesterday... red is expected.
Tags: other side of hospital, pharmacologically stoned

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