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Well, we are in the slow steady progress stage, I guess. Still and all, it's good to be home. Yes.

Didn't post much yesterday; up very early because of discomfort, then some more sleep, ran two errands with Herself. No, wait, one of those errands was today. Right. Think I mentioned that already. Mostly weaned off the pain meds now, but still taking them at night.

Proprioception. I think I spelled that correctly but I'm not terribly worried about it at the moment. However, a sense of what's around (and inside) one's body. I've the usual disjointed memories of the immediate post-op period. First truly clear memories, in the hallway between Cysto (is called Cysto because most of the Cystos are done there if done here, but treated like a full-fledged OR for those that care. Not in the Main OR area, again, for those that care), and them telling me we're done, did fine, me trying to tell myself not to rub my eyes and such before they did, them telling me we'll do an x-ray for a pneumo...

I don't have a pneumo. This wasn't a verbalised response, it was a self-realisation right then. Oh, good, we'll check and they'll calm down, but I don't have a pneumo. Then...

I don't have Mr Stone anymore either. Yup he's gone. Again, not verbalised, but known, perceived, felt, no stone. Then...

Damn. THAT HURTS. And on we went, or rather never stopped rolling and into PACU we went.

And one other milestone achieved today. Nurses, we all want to listen to various things, feel various things after someone undergoes surgery. Heart. Yup, want to know Heart is still pumping, and properly. Lungs. Yes, because that can tell us a lot about those potentials like that pneumo. Feel pulses too, tells a lot about how well heart is moving things along and where too.


Yes, bowels. Because anesthetics may affect bowel motility. Definitely if the surgery is in the abdomen, because mucking around with bowels WILL affect motility. It's also why a lot of surgeons routinely put their patients on stool softeners immediatly post-op.

But now I am sore. Not hurting, not in pain. But sore.

Today, fourth day post-op. I am now lighter, again. Tired and worn out by it, but lighter again. So there are a couple parties I'm not going to, because I may yet still need to lighten up a bit and I'm tired. Parties I'd tentatively said, we'll see, I hope to. But knew this to be a possibilty.

And, that means the biggest milestones set my myself are achieved before the Holidays themselves. Yes. That's part of the reason.

And because, quite frankly, Thursday was the 20th, one day before the 21st, and I will not willingly go to surgery for myself on the 21st. It's a personal thing. If you don't know why, go back a year in LJ.

Oh thatwordgrrl... it's heeeerreee! And thankee much because I really do appreciate it (check. Check.) (check.) and laughter is both good for the season and for the healin'!

So, Herself used my recipe to make up the traditional batch of Cheesy Piggie, or Blasphemous Dip (if one uses bagel chips, as suggested by janetmiles in a stroke of pure genious) to go to one of those parties, and left some for me for tonight. So I'm gonna go veg with the Tube and Remote, or maybe a book, and in a little bit with some Cheesy Piggie. And cats. Lots of cats. All of whom (along with the Border Collie Bros, when they can as they also need to keep an eye on things outside) are doing their Due Dilligence to help me recover.

Either that, or they really like a slightly febrile monkey. Hmm...

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