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The Good Thing

Yes, here's another Good News/Bad News kinds of posting. I don't suppose I do them often, fairly certin I don't.

The good news about being in a medical leave time off of work period is, if I do wake up at 03DarkThirty I can just go ahead and get up, walk around a bit, maybe surf the web. Because the next day I'm not obligated to be much of anywhere just yet.

The bad news is, yeah, it happens. Wasn't up for a long period but did both those things mentioned. Some very strange dreams early in the night, leading to me waking up with simply the knowledge that I'd gotten to a point in the dream I simply told myself, 'Time to wake up.' Not so much after the getting up period.

The good news about going through something like this, if one is a Registered Nurse, is that it does provide a better foundation for empathy with patients. And empathy is a key word here; Nurses need empathy, rather than sympathy, because (at least as I learned it) Empathy means we understand what's going on and can do something about it, whereas sympathy means we understand, and we're too wrapped into our own selves.

The good news is, we (as Registered Nurses) are also able to discover some of the finest examples of nursing practice in our colleagues, specifically those that treat us. And there are several I am thinking about recently. Most of them right here locally, of course, but not all.

The bad news, of course, is that we get the opportunity at all.

In other news departments, Ras Mewson (elder brother of the 4 KitnzOfApocalypse) who spent the past few nights with me as mentioned, reaching out and applying Kitnz Shiatsu at appropriate moments, decided I'm well enough that he could go make Kitnz Roundz last night instead of spending the night in the chair with me. This is good to know.
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