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It's very early, and dark on a Christmas morning. I'm awake with an achy back, and that's what it is is back. Oh noes say the readers another blow by blow recovery post. No; no, it's not. It's an achy back.

We've sold a couple goats, and may of sold a couple more. The people who are buying the next round will need to catch the goat themselves though. Herself caught the two we sold, because they're yearlings and smaller and still a handful for her. We put up a temporary buck pen for them. I proved a good boy, didn't lift anything outside my allowed range. Just held things in place once lifted.

But one of the goats who may move along tomorrow or Thursday or Friday (Island Time, mon, I come get him bytheby) is one of the three that P.O.'d Herself by being in a pheromonally induced hormone state. He's three or four years, and on the hoof he's, oh, 15 KitnzOfApocalypse units. My lifting restrictions right now are 1 KitnzOfApocalypse unit.

I blame the whole KitnzOfApocalypse unit of mass measurement on my friend S, who lives up the road a bit. S is an interesting fellow I've known a while, as do several others on my reading list here at LJ. (Counts on fingers, yup at least several oh look need both hands), but to my knowledge doesn't read LJ so he won't know I'm blaming him. Unless I tell him, which I might. Like myself, S & K (his wife) used to play in the SCA, and we played together a lot. When S went into Hospital for his knee surgeries, he listed me as one of the primary contacts and when asked the relationship replied 'hatamoto'.

That was several database versions ago...

Hatamoto translates from Japanese as 'banner man' and in medieval Japan was a fairly high rank within the society, specifically bushi and what most people will call samurai. Though in the time period we played about, they didn't call themselves samurai quite as much as bushi. Samurai was a new-fangled term then abouts. And inside of the game construct of teh SCA I was hatamoto to S's role as daimyo.

Daimyo translates as baron or 'big name'; basically the daimyo is the head of the family/clan. But that doesn't have anything to do with KitnzOfApocalypse units. S didn't coin the KitnzOfApocalypse term, specifically, either, but I'm still blaming him for it. We were comparing different dogs one day while out and about. Both of us at the time lived with Rottweilers. S & K's Rottie, Reba, actually had a bit of cross with Dobermann. She weighed in about 2/3rds what Kuma, our Rottweiler did and he weighed in at 120 pounds.

S called Reba 2/3rds Kuma unit. And started referring to other dogs the same way; .5 Kuma unit, .1 Kuma unit, .9, etc. Kuma units kind of grew into KitnzOfApocalypse units, because my weight lifting restrictions post-op are 1 KitnzOfApocalypse unit. I can pick up one of the KitnzOfApocalypse safely, not 2.

I told S when I checked into Hospital for my surgery, I listed him as one of the primary contacts. The database is a newer version now and the relationship field is no longer free text entry, it's a lookup table. Unfortunately 'daimyo' isn't one of the values.

Back to the goats. Midnight is, as mentioned, bigger than I can safely deal with right now but the customer will bring his son and is pretty good at handling animals. If he lives where I think he does, he's got a small goat herd started and want's Midnight for breeding because of his size. The good news, is Midnight put himself into the Nanny Pen to chase around the mamma does in there (several days after kidding, they start smelling gooooooood to a buck again). The even better news is, he hasn't ever figured out how to get out of the pen. So we don't have to try to catch him and they won't need to chase him all over.

So when bytheby passes we expect he'll still be there.

There've been several posts yesterday with folk commenting about naming holidays or saying holidays. Nothing offensive, actually sounding more like it's OK to call it what you want.

Hey, this part of the year seems to concentrate a lot of holidays into it. I hold that's related to Northern Hemisphere Solstice; for whatever reason when it's getting cold and winter's starting, people pretty much want to keep their spirits up so they party. Sure, it's good to party just because, but it's always better to party for a Good Reason. Wow, here I go doing much the same thing, saying much the same thing as lots of other people.

Which is't what I set out to do. I think. Then again, yes I am still taking my pain meds. At night. This is night, I remember mentioning that at the start of all this.

I grew up in the Christian tradition. I celebrate the season; for Christians (specifically Catholics) it's Advent. I'm not a church-goer, I include New Years in that, maybe moreso than my parents did. It's just the Season is what we did growing up, the whole season, Advent.

My Dad included a letter in the Christmas card after we'd had our goat herd a couple years, and it was beginning to grow. He told the legend that on Christmas Eve, the animals can speak Human, to celebrate the Nativity.

It's true; I've heard them.
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