madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

New Year's Eve Day

I am tired. Not sleepy; tired. There is a difference. Things are going well overall, and I've dug down through a tall stack of paper filing receipts for a year. Double checked for entries in the old Quicken (as that's how I keep the books), and pretty nearly tuned up to start the old Tax Man thing. Made rounds with Herself and the Bros, so it's not like nothing's going on. Nor did I push hard doing those things; they're all easy.

So I'm tired.

So what.

Still overcast and cool today, looks like maybe some more rain. I suppose I could go check the weather on-line or via the Sky-TV; just looking out the window it feels like damp, more rain coming. Tonight there are gatherings at a neighbor's, and over at Horse Arena just like last year. I know Herself is planning on Horse Arena. I'm feeling a lot better than the weekend of the Solstice party over at friends S&K's place, but then I think about going to Horse Arena, staying up late, and...

I'm tired. So I don't know. Don't want to be a stick in the mud, and don't want to make anyone leave early from visiting with friends. I've stayed home before for New Years, been very quiet. It's not a bad thing to do.

After all, what day actually begins the New Year is fairly arbitrary. I've mentioned that before. One can just as easily call one's natal day New Years, because one begins a new year. Or one can select either Solstice (not dependant on hemisphere, either Summer or Winter for where ever one lives). Or even either equinox; it's all very arbitrary.

Why, just think of Chinese New Year, eh?

I keep coming back to, I'm tired.
Tags: life, new years, ranch

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