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A Couple of Meme's

Snookum, you just keep popping up in the oddest places...

Your College Life by highfivejunkie
What will you study?
Your Roomatefatfred
The Football Playerripley_the_cat
The Cheerleaderchaosloki
The Band Geekbetnoir
Highly involved in their Frat/Sororitykalelth
The Crazy Drunkpdxmarine
The College Slutjanetmiles
Your Significant Othersnookum
The Creep that sneaks into girl's showersmisia
Likeliness you'll graduate: 82%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I will tell you, I played with this one to see what might come up with other (friends) LJ names... but I will not post any of those.

Your LJ Horror Movie (you are the main target in the movie) by shard_of_truth
the storytellersnookum
the first to get killedcanuckdesz
the virginmisia
the one having sex when killedpdxmarine
the given "nude shot"kalelth
the given "gore death scene"betnoir
the one thought as the killer but isn'tchaosloki
the one framed as the killer but isn'tmarjai
the screamerglass_leopard
the humorous onejanetmiles
the killer/monsterfatfred
Quiz created with MemeGen!

And this one is from a while back, just getting around to it now.

A feel good quiz by cerulean_dreams
your name is...
your eyesare deep and mysterious
your hairis simply radiant
your smileradiates beauty
your bodyis envied by many
your hugsare warm and fuzzy
your kissis addicting
your loveis wanted
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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