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This weekend is the start of the 22nd Annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire here in Hoggetowne. For the past six years, I've been going and helping Herself as well as other friends with their booths. So I'm a Rennie, in that sense. Herself participated in all 21 of the previous Hoggetowne Faires, and I can add into them the first 3 Faires as well.

This year, we're not 'doing' the Faire. The City Cultural and Nature Operations won't take contracts from vendors for only one weekend of the Faire. It's do the whole thing, which includes what we vendors like to call Sticky Dollar Friday (where all the local school children come for half-price as field-trips from school, and received its name because they buy all the sugar foods but little else and all their dollars get coated with that sugar), or do not come. Since Herself committed previously to an SCA event which is next weekend, before the dates were finalised, she's not vending at Hoggetowne.

So today, we went and played Tourist. We paid for admission. Well, OK, previous years we paid for the vendor booth space, but we also made that money back so it's always been at least break-even. I've only been a Tourist once before at Hoggetowne, when I went with Herself's father, one brother, his wife, and their daughter our oldest niece (she was still an infant then, so 16 years ago). We waited in the Looooong line to pay for admission, then wandered through the Faire. And had fun.

Amongst things we did that we've not done as Rennies:

Watch the horse show; the 'Knights on Horseback' doing their thing. They keep announcing it as jousting, but the joust is foot combat.

Even more fun for me, I got the chance to visit with dedoc at the SCA Fencer's exhibit. Got to play with a couple of his toys and with him. Oh, my, yes, thatwordgrrl, he is indeed one eeeevil fellow *G* who reminded me that while my brain remembers much, my body is lagging behind and squeeking loudly of rusty joints. However, much fun still.

Then we headed home, fed the bottle kids, and the horses, and the Bros, and now it's time to feed us.

Nighty night.
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