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So what is it that attracts you to reading, adding, following someone's writing here on LJ? One of the things I look at, but in many ways don't apparently apply that much 'weight' to, is their Interests list. You know, that thing that LJ offers us to put down the things that interest us, and which help provide a search hook for other people. Or yourself, if you're looking. Now, I rather arbitrarily limit my Interest List. There's a reason for that, and a few people even clued into it. That's cool. But because of that limitation (even if I change things around periodically) there are a lot of things which show up on other people's lists which won't receive the LJ Shared In Common highlighing, yet are shared in common.

Ever wonder about that?
Obviously, I do...

First, I suppose, a little key to show how much time I wasted on this where things lie. Oh, and in an effor to help preserve some anonymity, if there are interests on someone's list which I didn't collate, I took them off. So if ou really want to sort through the people on my reading list to figure out who they are, go ahead, have fun. It's a pretty random sampling of 11 people, because, hey, 11 is a nice prime number.

Common Interests because that's how LJ does it
Interest which are Shared, but which I include under general catagory, or otherwise don't list for some reason
!!! A strongly shared interest, regardless of how marked
%%% Something I'm familiar with, may or may not share interest for various reasons
??? Something I'm investigating or did investigate because I saw it on an interests list.

So, here are my interests:
42: ansel adams, art, bears, beer, books, border collies, buckaroo banzai, chocolate, creativity, dancing, edward weston, fencing, food, greatful dead, history, interesting people, japan, life, light, mischief, mountains, music, new orleans, nursing, people watching, photography, photoshop, pirates, poetry, portraiture, rabid marmosets, robert heinlein, sci fi, science fiction, seltzer water, star trek, surrealism, travel, wood, wood working, wordplay, words

And now, the randomly selected and listed alternate lists:
%%% 14th century, apothecary, art, books, chivalry, clan far flung, clothes, combat archery, %%% cotehardie, garb, %%% heavy fighting, herbs, history, jewelry, %%% kampfrau, %%% landsknecht, linen, medicine, nutrition, %%% sca, sewing, silk, teaching, %%% trimaris, wool

aikido, american history, batman, beer, buddhism, budo, comics, %%% constitutional law, death, %%% evidence, film noir, foreign films, japan, judo, life, %%% rpgs, scotch, %%% spiderman, %%% superman, sushi, swords, theology, %%% video games, whiskey, women, writing, zazen

alan parsons, art noveau, babylon 5, being silly, ??? bela fleck, books, buffet, celtic, comics, %%% cooking, crafts, diabetes, %%% dire straites, fantasy art, fish, food, history, japan, library, %%% licensed profanity technician, medieval, music, ??? neil gaiman, otters, puppets, reading, renaissance fairs, satyrs, %%% sca, sf, sushi, tanuki, theater

archetypes, being, ??? black phoenix alchemy lab, ??? bordertown, callahan's, chocolate, computers, cordwainer smith, deafness, disability rights, dreams, dylan thomas, fanfiction, folklore, ??? frank o'hara, ??? %%% geekbling, hedgehogs, knitting, language, ??? lois mcmaster bujold, maine coons, mobile devices, mythology, neil gaiman, origami, poetry, ??? second life, sign language, steampunk, tarot, ??? two lumps, urban fantasy, userfriendly, ??? wapsi square, writing, yeats

arts, camping, ??? coyote run, ireland, mischeif, music, pirates, scotland, scoundrelry, wolves

art, fine art nude, ??? giacometti, images, %%% model mayhem, nudes, %%% one model place, photography

%%% buffy the vampire slayer, candlelit baths, cupcakes (burnt), epidemiology, ethics, fencing, hiking, leather coats, london, maps, movies, mythology, reading, sexuality, skeletons, stalking tess_bridges, steak, sweeties, things that go bump, writing non fiction

animaniacs, astronomy, belly dancing, blades, brisco county jr, ??? celtic punk, coffee, costuming, daggers, ??? dead man's party, deadwood, edit, editing, editorial, fencing, film geekery, firefly, frank miller, gender-blind marriage, ??? greg the bunny, harry dresden, heroes, knitting, learning to cook, martial arts, martin scorcese, max headroom, middle eastern music, pirates, proofreading, publishing, quentin tarantino, rapier, renaissance faires, salsa music, science fiction, serenity, sin city, social distortion, space, swing music, swordplay, swords, tea, the bobs, the chieftains, tim burton, wallace and gromit, warner brothers cartoons, writing, zorro

%%% angel, %%% buffy, chocolate, fantasy, food, miss manners, music, needlework, nursing, sci-fi, spirituality, stargate sg-1, x-files

aida, ancient music, anxiety, aramaic, asia, barbecue, beaches, bluegrass, books, c s lewis, canine psychology, canon cameras, country music, cruise missiles, crusades, cunning hats, dead languages, dead poets, deployment, depression, discworld, disneyland, doberman pinschers, dobermans, education, eleanor of aquitaine, elves, episcopal church, fedora, feline psychology, firefly, free hugs, fur kids, garb, hair dye, historical fiction, history, ??? hunting woozles, integrated personalities, ??? judith tarr, languages, latin, lemmings, line handling, linen, lutes, medieval music, military, musicals, navy, ??? night watch, ??? occitan, off roading, opera, paradigm shifts, philosophy, photography, prophecy, purty hats, recipes, ??? reginald hill, road trips, ??? robin mckinley, sailing, salt, sea time, serenity, seven seas, sewing, shellback, siamese cats, siege engines, ??? sir thomas malory, solitude, soul food, sunsets, sunshine, sweet potato pie, t s eliot, terry pratchett, theater, thunderstorms, travel, velvet, ??? wedge heads

rabid marmosets, ??? admiral naismith, agatha christie, alt.callahans, amusement parks, andromeda, babylon 5, bdsm, ??? being a dilettante, bluegrass, ??? bookcrossing, ???, books, bottom, callahans, childfree, civilian space programs, coffee, computer games, corsets, courtesy benefits everyone, crochet, ??? cruelty-free squid farms, david weber, dorothy l. sayers, etiquette, family of choice, fantasy, ??? feghoots, filk, folk, freedom of fandom, freedom of lj fandom, !!! fun, gender-blind marriage, ??? gender-neutral pronouns, good eats, having fun, honor harrington, informed consent, jazz, ??? kingdom of loathing, knitting, kung foole proverbs, ??? laurell k. hamilton, libraries, %%% licensed profanity technician, living with depression, logic puzzles, ??? lois mcmaster bujold, long hair, lord peter wimsey, mathematical logic, mathematics, microsoft excel, mysteries, nasa, netiquette, ogden nash, politeness, polyamory, private spaceflight, pronoia, public spaceflight, puns, reading, renaissance faires, science fiction, space, spaceflight, spanking, spider robinson, taxpayer-supported spaceflight, trivia, united perverts, verbal self-defense, wordperfect

OK, and now some further discussion. For example, I've got a single interest entered, 'music'. On the other hand, I count 10 instances of the word music in an interest (one in a 'string', musicals) where music is associated with a type of music. There are a few types of music which I've removed from some lists, because those specifics might not interst me greatly. Rest assured, though, if they're a type of music I've probably listened to it, which is a reason I list music only.

There are a number of similar instances; things or people who are historical figures or history related (including historical re-creation groups). Art as a subject, and potentially types of art genre's. I list art, and I list creativity, dancing, edward weston, food, greatful dead, light, music, photography, poetry, portraiture, robert heinlein, science fiction, surrealism, wood working, and wordplay. We could easily substitue 'writing' for 'wordplay', though they aren't necessarily the same thing. I list both sci fi and science fiction; mostly because of the search value as there are people who might search for sci fi that wouldn't search for science fiction (lazy bums). And there are very few science fiction specifics listed (three) in my interests and a lot of them marked out in other peoples interest lists. Again, a more generic listing on my part because of an arbitrary limit.

What makes me think of this? Well, partially that search function thing; I'm particularly interested in nude figure art in general, photographic in particular, don't list it as one of my interests. Why? Not everyone's bowl of cha. Partially because I've been looking over my interests list with a mind to revising it, still keeping inside that arbitrary limitation. What's duplicated (sci fi/science fiction definitely; photography/photoshop/portraiture possibly; blades/swords/fencing/rapier oh yes, I do like edged weapons...)? And how specific do I want to get?

Oh well, it's not like it's something that's going to change the course of history.
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