madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,


I appear to be alone in the office today. And it was rather chilly when I first came in, one of the disadvantages of having windows over one whole wall. You see, the room we share as our office experienced a previous life as the Cardiac ICU Waiting Room. CICU has a new waiting room now. We have an office with one wall which radiates to the outer world. Now that the sun is shining, however, it's warming up.

Back to the alone part. One office-mate is out for several days on family business. One is out for several days taking one of her sons (and several others, with additional adults along) on a Boy Scouts ski trip. One is... somewhere. Probably on her staffing day, as I was yesterday. Boss has her own office, so she's somewhere but not here.

This could be dangerous.

I also have coffee.
Tags: hospital, work ethic

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