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From several people, now...

List 10 artists you've seen live in concert - no peeking at the questions before!!!

1: Detroit Symphony Orchestra
2: Andres Segovia
3: Gordon Lightfoot
4: Elton John
5: Loggins & Messina
7: Jimmy Buffett
8: Kool & the Gang
9: Rockola
10: Capitol Steps

Don't peek at the questions below until you've made your list.

Song you wish you'd seen number 2 perform?
Anything by Bach.

How many times have you seen number 3?

Where did you see number 9 play?
Twice; first time in San Diego, second time in New Orleans (one year later). Both times they were the band for the AORN Foundation Black Tie Gala.

Favorite song number 8 played?
Damn if I remember. No, seriously, I'd probably need to look up information about them, as they weren't one of my favourite bands. They were the entertainment for a large company-sponsored party at AORN Congress.

Who did you see number 7 with?

Favorite concert moment from number 6?
Some *sshole in the audience set off a firecracker during a quiet solo piece by Graham Nash; he left the stage, and shortly after Steven Stills came out and called the *sshole on it. And the audience called with him.

Best thing about number 1's performance?
Symphony Orchestra, eh?

Why did you go to see number 10?
Because I really, really like their humour and satire.

How many times have you seen number 2?

Where did you see number 8 perform?
AORN Congress in Anaheim CA.

Best cover song you've seen from number 9?
Don't think they've got any albums out.

Would you go to see number 7 again?
Oh HELL yeah!

Song you never really liked until seeing number 1 in concert?
Song? Symphony Orchestra!

Which albums do you own from number 6?
All Of Them.

Worst thing about number 3's concert?
I don't remember anything bad about it. Then again, this was... 1970

The only three songs that number 4 would have to play to make a concert?
Candle in the Wind

How far did you travel to see number 1?
Not far; I grew up in the metropolitan area. Would be less than 10 miles.

how was number 5's show?
Rockin', outdoors, live, and GREAT. It started just before sundown with solo work by Kenny Loggins, primarily his acoustical pieces, and then just as the dusk was gathering making it hard to see anything (other than Kenny Loggins, in a spotlight), vavoom and the whole band starts rockin' and the lights come up...

what happened the night of number 1's show?
Sheeeitttt... which time? I've seen DSO multiple times, and all of them over 35 years ago.
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