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Yesterday being a Clinical Day, I spent my time in the OR again. Overall a pleasant day; as I mentioned to someone later, I can haz mad clinicalz skilz... or something. Going over the amount of clinical time required with Herself after getting home, as it seemed to her things are being clinical a bit much, I pointed out two things:

1, we are asked to do two clinical days this month because the Magnet Survey team are here, and
2, hence I scheduled my two clinical days fairly close together

Then I pointed out that using a base number of 40 hours per week (it isn't really, you know, but that's the base number used for calculating salary), which means stipulating four weeks/month, it's 160 hours, and 16 hours (2 days) of clinical is only 10% of that. Most months the requirement is only 5% (8 hours).

Besides, it proved great fun to generate confusion on the part of the old co-workers.

'What are you doing here?'
'Didn't you leave?'
'Did you come back?'
No, and sort of...

Now, what is this Magnet Survey of which I mention above, you don't ask. Magnet Status is an award presented by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center (affiliated with the Americn Nurses Association ANA) to hospitals, which denotes to both Registered Nurses and patients/families that this institution goes to some troubles to make the place a desirable place for Nurses to practice Nursing. Despite a certain cynicism on my part (something of a defense mechanism nearly all long-service health care personnel will develop) there is an strong element of truth in their program. In general, hospitals which achieve (and maintain) Magnet Status are able to demonstrate lower turn-over amongst their RN's and LPN's (LVN's some states), and often better patient care outcomes as well, because their Nursing staff are more involved in their practice in the facility.

In a lot of ways, it's like my certification as CNOR (Certified Nurses Operating Room) in relation to my license. I can practice Nursing, and specifically Perioperative Nursing, without my certification. Might (probably) even be quite good at it. Unlike Joint Commission or Federal ratings which affect how hospitals can bill and be paid for their services, which is a might more akin to the status of my nursing license, CNOR / Magnet certification is more of a public statement that someone with an objective viewpoint measures against a set criteria and says, Why yes, this person/facility is pretty darn good.

Anyway, the Magnet Survey team is here at Hospital this week for our re-certification, so all us management types are being encouraged to get our staff nurse colleagues out for those Magnet functions, as the surveyors are more interested in how the Staff feel about the place, are encouraged to take part in the daily/weekly/monthly operations, than about the management.

Which, really, is as it should be.
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