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Is Leap Day

Woke up much earlier than usual, couldn't go back to sleep. Not so bad, not a 'white night' kind of thing. Just an hour or so earlier than usual. Sort of freaked out the cats.

Is payday. Paycheck is larger than normal. Until New Position I probably wouldn't notice at first, but now I'm salaried. Paycheck is the same each time. What? Oh yes. Third payday of the month. Joy; is also the Pay Mortgage payday. Done.

We ordered lunch delivery today because it is both Leap Day and Third Payday. Chinese, from a local pun place Wok-n-Roll. I got won ton soup, shrimp eggroll, and curry chicken with white rice. Yum! Good curry, left very pleasant linger taste for a good duration.

Still pondering upon a couple of the image meme items... good puzzlers! Oh, it is so onerous to have such clever friends! Yes, indeed.
Tags: friends, leap day, leap year, payday
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