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Friday... Do You Know Where Your Video Drivers Are?

Hospital work ended a couple hours ago, yet here I sit still stealing Hospital's Internets while a rather old laptop churns through the process of re-configuration. That's not quite accurate, actually. It's a shade more than re-configuration.

Herself, shortly after Mother Mary died, received this old laptop from one of her brothers to help with estate business, Herself being co-executor. Worked fine for all of that, however now she's in need of something to take with her to a major SCA event known as Gulf Wars. There's a bit of history with this particular event and our family. Herself was Queen of Trimaris when the whole shebang started ('91, '92, something like that), because, well, she started it. Only she's never been.

This year, I was informed in no uncertain terms that I have the Ranch Watch during Gulf Wars. No worries.

However, Herself is also taking along her bit of business and setting up as the Portuguese Merchant her persona is. Wants the ability to record sales & inventory and such, including conducting credit-card transactions on the day of rather than waiting for return to the Ranch. This of course needs on-line access, which the site provides. Old laptop is running... was running Win98 plus some service packs. Not so much friendly with wireless access to anything.

So I upgraded the OS to an old (therefor legal) copy of W2K floating around here. Right after the upgrade, starting up the laptop, laptop asked for Password.

Self: Laptop, D00d, no password. Never set one. Go to work.
Laptop: Dweeb, watt iz password? No password, no work.
Self: (after some effort, needing to find appropriate disks to achieve command prompt for this interaction) Laptop, D00d, password is Format C: /sys

Which led to today, and waiting for this venerable piece of silicone history to finish installing W2K, when I shall still need to install the wireless card drivers right after installing an antivirus package from AVG. Oh, and probably a video driver, as the CPU seems to think all it can achieve is 640x480 pixels.

I really wanted this done today. Confirmed checking wireless access and everything. Just right now, looks like not so much...
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