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BossStaysHomeDays (tm) Houdini

Morning rounds made. Actually, getting ready to go out for morning rounds, not quite dressed yet, and the Bros sound off. All dogs looking to the south east... towards where their mother is on a line because otherwise she's off to go see the love of her life, Michael. Michael is also the Bro's sire. Michael is also here, and he and Mudge are rather actively discussing the creation of more puppies.

Separate the star-struck lovers, call neighbor Miz Peggy to come pick up Michael. Phone rings before can dial same, it's Miz Peggy, 'Michael is likely on his way there, and I'm following.' Yes, well, such is indeed the case.

Right then, and once that's settled, rounds. Then Houdini and I load up in Forrest NissanPickup and head to Archer for feed. After laying in stocks for the feeder hogs (so called 'cause they're gonna feed her, eh?) and goats, lunch for meself. Then measurements of pavilion frame, break it down, load it up and off to S & K's place, primarily to use the power metalsaw in S's shop but also to visit with friends B for Bron and M. Bron is borrowing S's scaffolding to construct an extension on his and R's house. Are you confused about the tool lending yet?

M is helping Bron transport the scaffolding and also picking up his commission from S, a fold-welded (commonly called Damascus which is a mild misnomer) kukri. It's a big kukri, well balanced and truly a gorgeous piece of smithing. M is a freighter captain, who for various reasons (not the least of them being that piracy is still fairly rampant in Malasia and often his route takes him there) employs some Ghurka as security troops aboard his vessel. There is much more to the story than this, which is basically he treats them with much respect and on a couple of occasions has re-equipped them with locally made kukri after the Ghurka's were disarmed to serve as security aboard an Indian ship. (WTF, disarm the security?). He's frequently dealing with the same fellows. They've presented him with a ceremonial kukri; M wants to rock their boats with this commission piece.

Then cutting down some antler for pavilion buttons (tie-downs) and, once they are all cut, some coat buttons, leaving long enough pieces for S to use for fold-welded folding knives. So very cool!

Back to the Ranch, where the pavilion is set up to check all sizing, and the new sidewalls hung. It is looking quite servicable for the upcoming trip.

Soon time for evening rounds, feeding of the Bros, then feeding of the people. Not sure what we're having tonight. I just know it's going to be tasty.
Tags: border collie bros, knifesmithing, life the universe and everything, ranch, sca

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