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Reach Out And Touch

Herself phoned home last evening, things are going well where she's at though not great. Sales are humdrum at best so far though she's expecting much better business today and tomorrow (last two days of shopping at GW). She wasn't much surprised to hear the news of the Ranch obstetrical emergency, so that's a relief on me. I expected as much, particularly since I'd worked to achieve a successful outcome. Still, a relief.

We didn't chat long, as her call came just before dinner time there (at least one time zone behind the Ranch) and just after dinner time here. Both of us had things to do.

So now the biggest current problem on the Ranch needing (relatively) immediate attention is the non-functioning washer. Until I've some time to try diagnostics, or Herself gets home and someone's there to greet a service person, that's on hold. It does mean I'll need to hit a laundry mat this weekend, though. Only for the washing; I'll use our own dryer.
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