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Late Start

I'm getting a late start this morning. It's only a late start because I'm hoping/planning on going somewhere today. Even with those plans, I'm not 'late' yet, but I still need to start feeding the Ranch. Been on a short leash to the porcelan seat. Started yesterday evening while praparing to head out to Las Avinas, a local Mexican restaurant. Saturday nights, a local trio plays there. The young lady singing has a beautiful voice, clear soprano, and the trio is made up of her, her mother & stepdad. And hey, they're locals and it's folk music.

But before heading out the door the strong desire to sit upon the porcelan seat came upon me, and lo there was... a need. Up several times through the night for the same. I suspect one of two sources for this, either the delightful leftovers of Friday evening or the coffee machine. Can't do anything about the leftovers except wait it out, see if it's passed (literally). The coffee machine sat all week since Herself's been gone. No need really to make coffee at home for only one. It was rinsed out, but not washed out and all the leftover oils may of grown something. I don't know what, but that's the only other possibility.

There are times when being unable to smell particularly well can be a problem.
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