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More Not So Much Economy

Went by Harmon's Photo again yesterday on the way home; for more background go here or not, as pleases you. I counted up my pennies and decided I'd enough for another small reflector umbrella and possibly a couple of the mounting adapters I use for putting them onto the stands. As it turned out, only one of the adapters left when I was there. It's not there any more.

Noticed a price sign on a small cabinet wandering through. This particular cabinet used to be their 'Dutch Auction' station. Not a Dutch auction as I'm familiar with the concept, yet it worked. There would be usually five items on the cabinet top, each with a price list that displayed a staring date, an ending date, and between the two a decreasing price listing. Each day that passed from the start date, the price would be crossed off and the next lower one be the price one would pay. Prices started a bit above the usual mark-up, and ended well below that. Still, those items never made it to the bottom of the card.

Price on the cabinet? $40 US. It's not there any more either. I've got a piece of Harmon's history now.

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