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Rainy Travel Day

Drove to St.P Town to visit fatfred yesterday, popperaussie, Dredd Phredd, and Ferd (well, actually it's F.E.R.D. but hey...) all hitched a ride to visit some of their friends too. Things got raucus enough at one point that Skippy & I bugged out to go by Shep's. I bought a Sampler Six-Pack of beer which I also hid in the car, so those reprobate otters wouldn't find it. Managed to get it home intact, too.

Popper snapped some pics of Fred wearing the Crazy Hats (damn, the Boing really suits Fred!), and of some of the other hats folk sent to Skippy. I got some rather more 'artsy' photos made, experimenting with lighting. Also used the trip to do a first-check run packing the new camera bag, getting ready for the trip to the Other West Coast. Hey, running down to teh West Coast seemed the appropriate time. Didn't pack everything I figure to take out West, did drop in the highlights as it were. I believe this bag will provide a great deal of service, and will indeed fit in as the general travel bag.

The portable reflectors will probably need to be packed into the carry-on roller bag; that's fine. They don't take up much space. For this trip, I won't be out shopping for any more add-ons. Figuring out the tripod situation will be interesting; with the mid-size bag it straps right to the bag, and thus quite simply qualifies as a single unit for airline/TSA thinking of 'two items, one carry on and one personal bag such as a purse or camera bag'. I may still be able to do that, but it will require an extra strap. We'll see.

More time spent schmoozing and providing some professional judgements on questions Skippy put forward. She's looking good, sounding good, and acting better. Um, well, OK, she's acting pretty 'normal' for Skippy... Went out to a really good Cuban place for dinner; La Teresita. I got the puerco asano, a marinated roast pulled pork dish. Skippy, I think it was lime in the sauce, not orange. *G*

Drove into some rain a bit north of T-Town which kept up through the city and across the Bay all the way. Continued off and on the rest of the day down there, and in fact most of the way home. Pulled back onto the Ranch about 23:15 so made good time despite the weather. Today, catch up and other chores about the Ranch and Studio.
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