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The Laryngospasms

I am up much too early in one sense, but since my body is still confused which time zone it's in, oh well. It's not excessively early, and I'm taking the time to drink my first cup of coffee rather liesurely.

Opening Session of AORN Congress is mostly a big feel-good kind of thing; the past several years it starts while the crowd is filling in the big hall (this year it's actually an arena) with some kind of entertainment act. This helps with the wait while another big group of people are assembling in the 'Processional Assembly Hall', getting ready for the real start. Then the entertainment act finishes up, and the procession starts with the current AORN President marching down the long aisle, to the big stage, where they then introduce the rest of the people coming in.

This starts with all the AORN Chapter Presidents by the state where they live (So A before B et cetera), followed by State Councils, then Specialty Assemblies, then the Committee and Task Force Chairs, then (the past... oh, FIVE years) all of the currently serving military RN's in attendance, then a few more special people in various roles, finishing with the Officers and Board of Directors of AORN. Once the big parade is done, there's more of the usual ceremonies associated with starting up a big convention like this.

I'm not making light of it by describing this. My first AORN Congress (15 years ago and right here in Anaheim) my Old Boss scheduled all the travel since Hospital paid (the one, and only time Hospital paid in 14 times I've come). So we travelled on Saturday afternoon and didn't arrive in Anaheim until the very early wee hours, so didn't get to registration until Sunday morning and Opening Session had already nearly finished. Old Boss wasn't into that stuff. More on that some other time. In person.

At any rate, the first Opening Session I did attend was my next AORN Congress, in '95 in Atlanta. At that time I served as my Chapter President, so I marched in the parade. It's fun. Everyone enjoys it. Well, everyone that comes.

However, I really started this post to tell you about The Laryngospasms, who provided the entertainment before Opening Session and right at the end as well. They're a group of five CRNA's (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) who sing very well, acapella, and while some of their humour and parody may be specific to either Health Care in general and Surgery in specific, they're funny. Very funny. Check them out; the link should open a new window.
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