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After a delightfully uneventful drive from LA to SD, we arrived safely and before midnight. Thus am I vindicated in my faith telling wedschilde we would do so... despite salamet's undoubted bad-traffic-fu.

Brought bags in and sat and schmoozed for a bit, catching up with odds and ends. Then off to feed the salamet. Well, and me. Tajima, no I couldn't find it again without looking it up. Stays open late and on three days a week after 10:30 PM serves ramen specialties... they make their own ramen. See zompus's comments here about parking and crowd, think I semi-forgot that for being slightly tired and enjoying ramen. Was crowded; popular place.

Ramen is a comfort food for me. On the other hand, I can't claim I've ever had anything other than commercial-made ramen, out of the packet. Don't very often use the 'flavour' packets that come with them, we usually use spices about the kitchen, and occasionally some other odd thought creeps into my head. Oh, and vegetables. Or chicken. Sometimes tuna out of a can (if you can believe that).

I got the spicey ramen, thick-cut noodles, and Tajima house soup broth. Yum! The standard bowl is a fairly good sized bowl, the spicey is indeed exactly that, not overbearing hot pepper but a great blend of spices waking up the tongue and leaving a gentle pleasant afterglow on the lips. This one included pork as a meat (Why, No, tassie_gal I didn't know this pig... ate it anyway *G*) and a soyu egg.

This got me through the rest of the night happy; though I'm starting to think it's time to go contemplate food again.

Jax is now rolling on the rug and snorting disgustedly. It's post-bath time, you see. Or maybe not, as he and I are the only ones in the room. Yes, damp dog on toes. Good morning.
Tags: san diego, travel
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