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Butcher Signing Sighting!

We rolled out the door in plenty time to be early, and a good thing that as the place filled up. I mean, standing room only. Copy of book waiting for us, thanks to both sanguinepen and wedschilde. Mysterious Galaxy is a very dangerous place. I walked out with far more books than I should of, except one of them is a gift for someone else.

At any rate, a copy of Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, Niven & Lerner's Fleet of Worlds, The Zombie Survival Guide, and of course Jim Butcher's new one, Small Favor. Oh, and a copy of their newsletter, but that's free. Felt pretty good with that as a limit when one of the staff at the store set in my hands World War Z.

They are evil there. Evil, I tell you.

The Crowd Gathers The Crowd Gathers
The folks there (staff, and volunteers) set out several rows of folding chairs for people to sit in both while waiting patiently for Jim Butcher to arrive, and for his talk and signing. Couple of friends from the List are in this one.
Jim Butcher Jim Butcher
Mr. Butcher arrived a few minutes late, apologising for reading the clock at the hotel wrong. No worries about that, at all. They provided him a seat behind the stand where he'd be signing, and he climbed up onto that stand and sat down cross-legged so he could see all the people there. He did a great talk, answering lots of questions, sometimes with information, and often with 'I'm not going to tell you! It'll spoil your fun!' with a very happy chortle. According to Jim, being able to answer that way is heroin for writers. With some help from wedschilde and salamet, because I'd been raising my hand to ask a question (once I thought of one to ask), when Jim called on them, they said they'd been raising their hands for me. So, I got to ask him: All right, Harry is pretty much the knight errant, not likely to have much of a love life. That's not what I'm talking about. What about Mouse? Is there a liklyhood for Mouse to be having any romantic interests? There ensued a ... pregnant pause ... and Jim answered 'You know, I'd never thought of that.' And then my friends turned to me and said, 'You're not coming back to the house with us!' Much humour followed with some commentary about the question. Still, I managed to cause the Man to pause.
Salamet & Jim Salamet & Jim
Salamet picked up several copies of Jim's earlier Dresden books to sign for her sons.

We adjourned following the signing to Chopstix Too for a very late lunch. I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki with Crunchy Roll. Om nom nom nom. After that we adjourned to Marukai market for a wee bit of shopping. I found a few things for small gifts. Found some things for friends of Herself back home, which is mildly misleading because they're my friends also. They play Japanese in the SCA. I expect they will enjoy this. Picked up another chasen, and Popper picked up a folding screen for the Unit.

Now we're getting ready for dinner, which will be take-away pickup for the Cabin.

Dinner and movies tonight.
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