madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Lunch at Golden City

Not Golden Dragon. Although it could be. Definitely good food, and lots of it. Lots. We needed lots, 10 of us sat to table. Big lazy susan on table. Big. Fried wantan. Fried tofu. Singapore noodles. Many vegi dishes. Yes, many. Shrimp with walnuts. Om nom nom nom.

Then we rounded up ottarz. They wanted to ride on the hood of Kasuge. No, really, they did. So we let them. Someone complained. I think they said we endangered a minor because of Chibi-Ottar. Hey, is ottars. No worries.

Jehenamamma's Himself #1 Jehenamamma's Himself #1
Ronnie. Just a portrait.
Jehennamamma's Himself #2 Jehennamamma's Himself #2
Ronnie... tickled
RenRen #1 RenRen #1
RenRen stalking one of the diners...
Floral Arrangement, Golden City Floral Arrangement, Golden City
O'Jenn O'Jenn
Zompus Zompus
Zompus contemplating the whichness of what.
Jehennamama Jehennamama
Note in upper corner... Ceiling Cat has window into Golden City.
Jenn Squared Jenn Squared
Jenn & O'Jenn
RenRen and Kawauso Kyoshi RenRen and Kawauso Kyoshi
Even great Japanese fencing masters quail before RenRen
RenRen Stalks the Ottarz RenRen Stalks the Ottarz
Ottarz riding the hood of Kasuge!
Popper-Vision Popper-Vision
Popper gets off a quick shot of RenRen in self-defense
Kasuge & Ottarz Kasuge & Ottarz
Ottarz riding Kasuge! From left to right: Kawauso Kyoshi, Popper Aussie, Alec Winchester, Jake Winchester, Estrella, Chibi-O
The Ottarz Mob in San Diego The Ottarz Mob in San Diego
Kawauso Kyoshi, Popper Aussie, Alec and Jake Winchester, Estrella, Chibi-O
RenRen Stalks the Shutterbug RenRen Stalks the Shutterbug
But, the Shutterbug shot first!
RenRen RenRen
Just a portrait
Tengu! Tengu!
'79 Firebird
Jax Jax
Dickens Dickens
Yup. Dickens.

Tags: fun, ot-tarz, otters, people, pets, portrait, san diego

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