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Catching Up

Working on catch-up, things not done while I went away because I'm the one responsible for doing them. Not a worry; there are things my cohorts are responsible for that may not get done when they're away. The high priority things are covered. What it makes for is a day spent at the desk almost exclusively. Falling asleep here, eh?

One of our office-cohort accepted a position with another department. He is an analyst/programmer, not a nursing systems analyst. There is much scuttlebutt whether or not his position will be posted for hire. However, yesterday also a news item that there is an upcoming cut in Medicare budget cuts which will result in a $280 million cut in federal matching funds coming to Hospital. I'm leaning strongly towards the 'redistribute workload' rather than 'post and rehire' on the open position.

I'm OK with that; it's all things which I find interesting and useful and hey, RN's are supposed to be versatile.

In other news, today is payday, and I see that for my five days of AORN Congress I received 40 hours Administrative Leave. This means most of the trip, and all of last week, did not come out of my time-off bank. In fact, when it is all settled out only three days (24 hours) will be out of the time-off bank. The most I received in prior position for AORN Congress was three days AL. I'm thinking this is because I'm now in an exempt position; sweet.
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