madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,


Things done. Much done. Felt productive. Enjoyed Houdini's company for ranch rounds and a feed run. Moved another cabinet/shelf into Studio (recovered same from Hospital) before the feed run. Then off to Laundromat because washer is still on binnacle list since I wasn't here to reimburse repairman for work. Will remain on binnacle list for a while, I'm afraid, as I shall be travelling a bit again later this week.

Served as guinea pig for Herself's cooking plans; she'll be the Feastcrat for the Summer Arts and Sciences event in Baja Jorja. I tell ya, life as a guinea pig for a cook can be really rough. Yeah, rough. Uh huh.

Time to go round on the Ranch again. It is overcast and drizzling.
Tags: chores, food, life, ranch, taste-testing
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