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From JAX Airport

The drive by the clock isn't any longer than either Tampa or Orlando. Parts of it feel longer, probably because we aren't as used to coming this way. It's been a long while since any of us flew out of JAX. Four or five years, at least. We made it without any problems, Herself dropped me off and headed back and I'm checked in waiting to go. JAX does provide wireless free, nice touch. So a last bit of on-line before departing, possibly before final destination as well.

Believe it or not, no stow-aways. Oh, there is one Little Fellow riding with me, but he won't be coming home with me. Made some quick photos yesterday evening while packing up camera gear for this trip, all for a project which might get done, might not. Come to think of it, that project wants another trip down to St. Pete & environs, but that is probably coming up in another week and a bit.

Meanwhile, on to other things besides LJ (believe it or not).
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