madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

I Do Check It, Really...

That would be the 'Home' link that LJ kindly provides, the one which gives me some notice when people's birthdays are coming up so I can make a Hippo Bird Trees kind of entry. And I've been watching mine, because there was a birthday coming up for today. You know, today, the 14th of April. Only, it's not showing there now. Mind you, it's 21:45 local time where I'm at (which is in the same time zone where I live, just a bit further north). So I'm, like, darn. No reminder of who I am supposed to be saying Hippo Bird Trees to. But it's not yet midnight here.

Oh well. If you are a photographically inclined geography-o-phile currently studying astronomy and living in a time zone three hours behind mine with a few dogs and a day-oh...

Many Hippie Retros, eh?

And I got it in before midnight, too.
Tags: hippie birdbaths

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