madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Tuesday Morning, 06:00 AM

Actually a bit later now, you'll get over it. That's when I got out of bed, giving up on the effort to try and get some more sleep. House is now stirring, and currently Grand Niece is packing her bag for a day at the beach with school-mates. This is Spring Break week on the Cape, and this is an organised activity for ... well, something associated with school. I'm drinking my coffee, which is coffee only by attribution. Brother-in-Law purchases 'Caffeine Light' something or other.

I'll need to start packing in a bit, won't take long. Truth told, things are almost packed already. One question is will I swap cards in the D70s or not; camera needs to go in for annual service I suppose, though the problem I'm experiencing may be due to the age of the compact flash card. I'd recently purchased another one because of problems with the second (of two) 1 Gb cards I'd been using, both over 3 years old (not by much), and both at this point with a huge number of files moved on and off of them. Those two cards are occasionally giving me a message 'Card can not be used'. Whatever photograph I took to get the message doesn't record.

In Other News:
Doc Rat, a web comic I've been reading for a while (there's a link on my info page as well, but this should get you there in a new window, went AWOL last week or so; initially it produced the message 'link not found' then took me to another site telling me I could purchase the domain, and now is back. All the strips from the dates I couldn't connect are there, so I'm not sure what happened. Doesn't matter, it's back.

Drove over to Hyannis for dinner yesterday evening with E & E, Bro-in-Law's son & partner. E is an environmental research scientist, works both here on the Cape and at Boston College. In the morning he took us out to Sandy Neck (where he's been conducting research spanning... a long time) for a tour into some areas which are open to the public, but restricted vehicular access. Being as he conducts research in there, he's got access. Some great photos, particularly of territorial disputes amongst some swallows which they're observing at their research station on the edge of the salt marsh.

And E had asked earlier in the visit if I like sushi. Heh. So we met up with them at a combined kind of oriental restaurant in Hyannis (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean) which did provide some good food. Sushi boat combination, teriyaki beef and chicken appetisers, soup (I had tom yum Thai), and tempura. Grand Niece decided she doesn't like sushi (More For Us), but does like shrimp so she ate the shrimp off the top of several pieces. She didn't like the beef teriyaki (surprise, as she said she likes teriyaki), did like the chicken, so an extra plate of that was ordered for her dinner. She's currently playing a computer game on Younger Sister's laptop, waiting for the bus to the beach.

I've calmed down Bro-in-Law by triple-checking the commuter bus schedule for my ride back to Logan (paper schedule, web-site, and phoning up the number). They'll be dropping me off at the stop (a Burger King by exit 6 in Barnstable) about 12:15 plus or minus a bit. I've no idea what the Internet access is likely to be for the trip home. Somehow I'm thinking Logan International won't be providing free 'Net access, and my connection in Dulles isn't particularly long. Not so short I'm concerned about the mad dash between gates.

So once I'm off-line here (to pack & cetera) I'm likely off-line until some time tomorrow.
Tags: family, life the universe and everything, travel

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