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It is frickin' hot out there.

I know this because I needed to head out to purchase something. The thermostat on our hot water heater started acting flaky a bit back, so I purchased a replacement. However, the replacement, while matching all the other specs of the Original Equipment power handling, is shorter. So I needed to find either another one of the same length, or the means to extend the wires in the hot water heater to meet the shorter one.

Events proved to be the latter. Fortunately, only one wire needed to be extended. And the hot water heater appears to be working; the water is warmer than it was this morning at the point the Original Equipment flaked out the door.

When I went out for the short drive, it felt like walking into a furnace. Indeed, Sydney SubaruOutback has a thermometer display for exterior temperature, and it ticked over at 95 F, just about 35.5 C. It is frickin' hot out.


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Jun. 1st, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
ah it's a lovely mid 70s here.
Jun. 1st, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
ahhh summer in florida...isn't it great :(
Jun. 1st, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
You can send some of the extra here. I'd love a little summer weather!
Jun. 1st, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
Hey, this sorta cheers me up! It's pretty darn sizzling here too, but it's not THAT hot...yet.

I'll have you know that I spent a VERY miserable night in Costa Rica at a pretty nice ecolodge over on the Caribbean side. Oh, it was lovely, and there were boatloads of parrots and parakeets in the morning and evening, as well as a lot of other beautiful, nifty birds, but it was hot as HELL and there was no air conditioning. Usually these ecolodges have good ceiling fans and screened windows and you can deal with the heat with all of the air circulation. These ceiling fans were dinky and didn't move a bit of air, as far as I could tell.

In fact we PLANNED this trip in the rainy season because it is a lot cooler than in the dry season. We went too early in the rainy season...it was basically still the dry season. Never again, we'll go back in June when it's pleasant and we can count on slow, gently dripping tropical rain every afternoon that cools the temperature down considerably. Not later, because then you have torrential rain and lots of mud to hike around in. Live and learn, I suppose.

But back to my story. I carry a little compass/thermometer thing from REI on my fanny pack so that when we get lost in the rain/cloud/mixed/humid/dry forests in Costa Rica that we can see how hot we are. It's a running joke from our first foray down there with the Amazona Society...and seriously, if others know you have that thermometer, they ALL want to know what the temperature is at various points.

I'm lying there sweating miserably (and hot flashes don't exactly help this) and I look at the thermometer. It is 11 at night and it's real close to 90 degrees. Hokay! I take some Darvocet for my fibroids, and some Restoril and I try to find a way to prop up my little battery powered personal fan so it will blow on my face in the bed. Yes, I have a battery powered fan, with a string that goes around your neck, with which one can cool one's self off while tromping around in humid jungles looking for birds. You can get them at Walgreens. We bought them after our first trip in the dry season. I cannot find any way for that to work so I toss and turn and keep adding other pills as I go like benadryl and finally ativan in an attempt to get myself to some sort of condition to escape into sleep.

After that lovely 3 day experience, Paul said that's a "do once" place. I'm not so sure about that, because there's a whole lot of the Caribbean side that we haven't explored yet.

And the sad thing, I'm pretty sure that we're going on the Amazona Society trip in the dry season in Belize and Guatamala next February. It will be one of those ecolodge tours. I think we must be gluttons for punishment. Just because we're acclimated to hot humid weather, doesn't mean we like it.
Jun. 1st, 2008 02:57 pm (UTC)
We've got several battery powered fans as well. None that hang from your neck. They can make a big difference, we used them a lot during the 'o4 Month of Storms when we lost power several times. Herself uses them when she's camping SCA during the summer.

Oh yes. I've contemplated moving away from heat and humidity often. However, it's a major move, involving some horses, goats, dogs, cats, and Herself. Probably not going to happen, as she likes the heat.
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