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This Morning

I've not been using my iShuffle a lot recently. Got a lot of use back in March/April for travel and such, then I set it down. Kept thinking I should pick it up, yet other things distracted me. This morning I did pick it up, and started listening on the walk to Hospital from Garage. They are curious devices, they are, and some of this is reflected in that frequently seen meme, 'Pick up your MP3 player du jour, hit shuffle, and the song titles are the answers to the next (insert number here) questions'. Because, you know, sometimes it hits it every time, and other times not so much.

No, this isn't that meme. But this morning on the walk, the playlist just seemed, you know, right.

Bob Seeger: Roll Me Away
CSNY: Almost Cut My Hair
John Denver: Colorado Rocky Mountain High
Bob Seeger: Like a Rock
Jimmy Buffett: Son of a Son of a Sailor
zaidaco: Mamma Said
Jimi Hendrix: 3rd Stone from the Sun
Tags: life the universe and everything, music

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