madshutterbug (madshutterbug) wrote,

Mamma Mudge Bordercollie

We lay Mamma Mudge to rest nearby the fence to Miss Peggy's place, along the route Mudge took when she went over to her 'other' house to visit Michael. She came to us from Miss Peggy; I believe she (Mudge) always just felt her space got bigger when she came to live with us. Mostly she stayed with us, but she'd go visit Michael when she felt that rides had been few and far between, or just because... and always when she was coming into heat. For Mudge, there was no other dog than Michael.

The Bros did show concerns; mostly they're calm but I feel they know and miss her. Squrrl, though, cracked me up. He made evening rounds with me after we laid Mamma to rest, and I walked him past her grave. He snuffled intently all about, and then

Lifted his leg and marked on the fresh dirt.

Could he smell her, even four-five feet down? Dunno.

Still, it seemed so, 'This is My Mamma. Mine.'
Tags: border collie bros, mudge, ranch

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