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Weekend... Ahhhhhhh

Relaxed, yet productive. Yesterday morning made the feed run while Herself fed everyone. Took Houdini with me, as riding in the truck isn't particularly like exertion and he does seem to do better when he gets time with me. Bit warm but not bad; left all truck windows open while in the feed store making the purchase and H moved into the shade in the cab. Worst part was while loading, as the windshield then pointed toward the sun. Once we were moving again it cooled off in the truck. Still, once we got back to teh Ranch I parked Forrest in some shade and Houdini and I headed over to some other shade where one of the water points are.

He got a good drink, and I left him by his den (an igloo-shaped doghouse). Then Herself and I unloaded the feed, humans not being quite so smart sometimes like Border Collies and staying in the shade when it is hot out. On the other hand with two of us unloading it went quickly. Then back to the house and change into swimming trunks and out again for...

Houdini's Bath. Flea shampoo and much needed, and he has far fewer fleas though they are going to be a problem this year. So another bath in a few more days, and meanwhile his den was cleaned out too. Smudge and Squrrl feeling smug about this, so they got dipped. For whatever reason they don't have quite the same population of fleas on board that Houdini is entertaining. Maybe he's just friendlier, eh?

Smudge made evening rounds with me (since Houdini got the ride in the morning).

Herself and I cleaned up and organised a bit in Studio 318, as both of us have some photo projects on the books. Vacuumed up the rug she'd inherited from Mother Mary, rolled it up, and then unrolled one salvaged from an old house over in Ocala. Herself's shire (Amurgorod) met in this old house until it received some storm damage, and now the City is looking to shut the building down to claim the property. Could be interesting, as the building is on the Historic Homes register. Whatever happens, the Shire is no longer meeting there, the building's been cleared out (there'd been some theft), and this rug was going to be trashed.

We've given it a good home in Studio. Herself thinks it's maybe 100 years old. Hmm... well, that would be early 1900's, so maybe. I'm not so sure, but it's old enough to show the wear. Still, that newer vacuum she bought for the Big House works like a ... well, sucker ... and pulled a LOT of dirt out of it. Maybe we'll clean it, maybe not, but a few more vacuumings for sure, soon. The rug is 12' wide by 16' long (about 3 by 4.75 metres). Covers the floor nicely in the studio room.

Today, laundry, and then I mounted casters on the Harmon Cabinet of which I spoke earlier. Now it rolls around fairly nicely. Herself will be able to get her jewelery photography done. Did get some work done on photographs as well, but not enough to claim that I'm caught up yet.

Out to make rounds shortly, then supper, then... we'll see.
Tags: border collie bros, life, photography, ranch, studio

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