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Day, Day After

Dodged between raindrops yesterday to feed the pigs; the goats weren't interested in coming out for food, which is pretty common for them if it's wet. The Border Collie Brothers appretiated the walk, regardless of weather, but Momma Munch preferred to stay inside. I've seen some indications in wet and cold weather that she's feeling the effects of age, arthritis.

We loaded up the car after that and headed down the road to In-laws. I will say a good time was had by all. I enjoyed visiting with the adults, and could enjoy from a distance the children experiencing Christmas. We stayed for dinner before heading home.

One of the big hits of the day is something I put together. I'm not much for cooking, which is related to problems with my sense of smell, I'm sure. This is a fairly easy item, though, and usually does make an impression even given that part of it is "processed food." The recipe can start quite early if one is so inclined (First, raise the pig...), but truly this is what you need for what I call "Cheesy Piggie."

  • One pound lean pork sausage, browned. (Choice of spicyness is up to you)
  • One pound salsa. (Ditto)
  • One pound Velveeta. (Since I've usually seen this only in two pound blocks, either half the block or add one additional pound of the other ingredients.)

While browning the sausage, melt the Velveeta. Mix in the sausage and salsa. Serve with: crackers, chips, bread, or use as a sauce over... What Ever


We didn't bring any home with us.

Got up this morning when the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse could no longer leave us alone, and when the baby goat we're nursing (infected joint, probably due to a cactus spine) let the "two-leg momma's" know that she was hungry and could no longer wait, either, dammit. Worse than an alarm clock, there's no snooze reset button on Gimpy Longears.

That is all. We now return you to your previously scheduled life.


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