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Dinner on the Beach

Went downstairs to eat after finishing up with my portion of FCORN business, so somewhen around 19:00. Not so late as sundown, but with the sun well to the west, the beach side of the hotel is in shade. Pleasant, not hot, breeze from offshore and the north. There's some surf out there, but not big. I watched oh three to four foot waves breaking. Surf and the beach always reminds me of Gramp's place, a bit south of Lakeport on the Lake Huron shore. No spectacular clouds out to sea, just a pleasant grey light overall.

Ordered a beer and a club sandwich and sat there watching and listening to surf. And music, from a wedding party over to one side of the big deck, under a tent. While I sat there one of the hotel staff walked a small table draped with a full-length cloth out under an arbor on the beach. A couple rows of folding chairs faced out to sea around that arbor. I wondered when the next wedding would start, and guessed at just before actual 'sundown'.

The beer was good (Blue Moon), the club sandwich edible but otherwise not memorable, and the DJ for the party off to the side finished off his set. Island steel drum music started, and at first I thought it to be a CD. Then they dropped the sides of the tent, and it turns out to be live music. Interesting set, a lot of Jimmy Buffett, some reggae, and Hotel California...

Meanwhile the crowd gathered on the beach around that arbor, and I noticed the wind picking up as it tried to carry my napkin away. Looking to the north I could see dark clouds gathering, sweeping from inland and out of site behind the hotels to well out to sea. The bride was escorted out to the beach as I paid my bill, and I left the deck hoping they conclude their ceremony before the rain starts.

Back up in the room, a quick weather check shows it's a pretty good sized storm, extending well north of Jacksonville. Give you an idea about distance from where I'm at, driving up the coast to Jax from here, using I-95, would take at least two hours. Call it at least 160 miles, probably more but less than 200.

So now I'm back in the room, listening to iTunes and surfing. There's some other work I should do. We'll see.
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