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Home Safe, Work Evenings

The last speaker at the FCORN meeting provided a very good presentation on menopause and related issues. What I most liked, though, is that I know her. Met her at Hospital when she was doing her OB-GYN residency, and really liked her then both as a person and a Doc. She's good people on that count. She didn't remember me, which I expected for several reasons. I didn't work with her directly (NICU rather than L&D, even with us going over to L&D for high-risk deliveries to assess and often admit babies). Also, in those days I wore a full beard. And much longer hair. In fact, much more hair, at that. However, after jogging a couple memories we shared a nice little visit.

Arrived home after a mostly uneventful trip. I say mostly for a couple reasons. Started the drive home by staying on A1A north as far as Port Canaveral, then jogging over to I95. It's been more than years since I drove that stretch along the coast. Much changed. I'm not surprised by it, actually I'm not sure how I feel.

Several cruise ships in port, all three of the lines in fact that use that facility, Carnivale, Disney, and Royal Caribbean. However, I'm not going anywhere with them.

Onto I95 and heading north, more of the boring interstate highway trip which is I95. Just south of Daytona traffic northbound slowed way way down, and FL Highway Patrol when whizzing by on the right shoulder lights flashing. That pretty much confirmed my suspicion a traffic accident occurred ahead. Getting up to it confirmed that status, someone (probably southbound but no way to really tell) had flipped their car into the median. Apparently no one was injured, and the car wasn't even much damaged, though still upside down. A wrecker was already on scene to remove the vehicle, plus both that FL Trooper and the local county mounty.

Back up to speed and a bit later off the highway for the dual purpose of meeting up with thaddeusfavour and Himself for lunch, as well as SR 40 through the Ocala National Forrest is the way back home. Pleasant lunch talking a bit about writing and more about various movies and such, then away and back on the road. Over the river (St. Johns) and through the woods and over the river (Ocklawaha) and home again by about 17:30.

Houdini seemed very happy to see me back, as did his brothers. Herself as well, if only to vent at me about how slow the Venerable Old Laptop is, and being bumped off the dialup multiple times yesterday (that would be due to the storm I described arriving on the east coast), and I unpacked things and fed the cows with Houdini's help and then the Bros. Really pretty sure that Houdini was very happy to see me, because every 15 paces or so he'd slam into me and rear up to lick my face.

Ate dinner, hot tub soak, plans to take Herself's PC in to Williston where here is a PC repair place for diagnosis (though I'm pretty certain of the answer, want more extensive info re. other parts). I'll do that on my way to work this evening, as my schedule this week is very dis-normal due to the (hopefully) go-live of the shiny new Plan of Care. Evenings today, short day tomorrow afternoon, then two 10 hour days, and Evenings again on Friday. Yes, that's the Holiday. Yes, I'll be working the Holiday.

That's life in the big Hospital.
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