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Hey, Tx Cronopio! It's Not Even Friday!

Regarding a recent short fiction post and this is a shameless plug, in case you need to read/re-read same, and some subsequent discussions with thaddeusfavour about continuing to develop past history on a couple of the characters, a pseudo-poll or pseudo-quiz, as the case may be. Feel no oblication to read further or reply.

In Holt City Heist, the narrator's given/christian name is never stated; he does tell another character to use his nickname, 'Dutch'. What do you think his given/christian name is/should be?

Which nationality is the narrator?

What country does the narrator live in at the time of the story?

Dutch tells Ofuroyama he did something unwise as a youth, and a magistrate facilitated his entry into the Corps to avoid prison time (well, he doesn't go into that much detail). This leads to a question, though, is Zoektochtmann his real name?

Now, some of these things may or may not of been made clear in the story, which is fine. That's why it's a pseudo-poll/pseudo-quiz. It's whatever feedback comes along will be interesting. Management reserves the right to not incorporate feedback, even though Management is actively soliciting said feedback.

You know, if I keep this up I'm really going to need a Writing Icon.
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