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Curious Night

Fairly good day yesterday, training superusers from one of our sister Hospitals in the clinical documentation application. It did take the full six hours scheduled. Plus, I went in earlier than that for preparation work. Still, not a full 8 hours. Stopped on the way home for dog food and some miscellaneous items. Fed the critters, fed me, relaxed a bit, went to bed.

Couldn't sleep. Got up for a while and viewed a site I go to occasionally, then back to bed. Still woke up around the usual time this morning. Actually, now, it's really about time I want to get off-line and go feed the Ranch critters. There are things to do today, including feed teh Ranch, laundry (which will include ironing two shirts, no more), and putting together a shelf unit for Studio 318.

I expect Herself sometime after noon. She went down south this weekend for family estate business followed by an SCA event (day-trip), followed by a bit more family business and intended to stay overnight. So, sometime today, probably after noon. Biggest reason I want to get started early feeding teh Ranch is because of the humidity. Oh, it will be hot as well, that just makes the humidity rather unpleasant.

Working inside Studio will be much more pleasant. I expect Houdini will come with me except not to do the laundry.
Tags: life the universe and everything, studio 318, teh ranch

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