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Ramblings on Personal Vanity

Well, while doing some research on-line for an upcoming presentation on Public Speaking, and nearing the time to knock off so I may take my Honey Bear out to dinner and a movie, I decided to see how well I might be doing as a fine art photographer of the nude human form... so I entered the following criteria in Google:

"fine art nude photography" (I didn't use the quotes initially)

Google returned "about 675,000" hits "for fine art nude photography" and the following piqued my interest:

Community Zoe http://www.communityzoe.com (2nd screen of results, because there are samples of my work posted here)

Eric Boutellier-Brown http://www.ebb.ns.ca (12th screen of results, because Mr. Boutellier-Brown is someone whose work I admire)

Sukumar http://sukumarfineartphoto.com (18th screen of results, because this is someone known through Community Zoe)

But, your humble photographer's web site had not shown up by the 30th screen of results, so I quit looking.

Now, when I included my last name as part of the search, I found "Results 1 - 5 of about 27," with only five listed because of some duplication. I am somewhat relieved that this time your humble photographer did find his own web site (first two listings), and the following links apply:

One Model Place: http://www.onemodelplace.com/model_list.cfm?ID=16209 which is the site of a model with whom I've worked, and

Fotógrafos do mundo http://fotografosdomundo.weblog.com.pt/ which is a site in Portugal where one of my images once resided (not sure it's still there), but which does provide a link to my site.

No, you are not obligated to rush out and look for my web site. Or not very. *G*

(Edit to add: As of posting time, I've not double checked all these links for viability.)

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