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Life, The Universe, And

Not quite everything.

Amongst other things done last weekend, not yet reported on, I copied music files onto the Treo 750 Smart Phone. Actually, I copied the files onto a mini-SD card, which is working in the Treo via a Mini-Micro converter card. This will lead to a couple of things here.

First, the Music. I copied mostly a bunch of Windows Media Player files (as in, when I ripped the CD Windows made them Media Player files), and some MP3 files. It's a 2 Gb card, so there's a goodly amount of music there. Sound quality is rather good, particularly with the headphone set that came with the device. I've not tried another headset yet, only this one. The headset includes a mike, as it then serves as the phone's headset. Eh.

Volume control is perhaps my biggest complaint, and that not very big. The iShuffle provides very fine volume control. The Treo 'steps' the volume, no fine tuning. Playlists becomes a potential issue, just as with the iShuffle. There is apparently one playlist; what is loaded. I've listened to it straight through, since it is a grab-bag of pieces I like. Random Shuffle play is an option. Not a different playlist.

Receiving a call does mute the Media Player, just as I suspect making a call will. Hasn't happened often, so I don't know if the Treo is 'pausing' the current play, or simply muting it. Either is acceptable, considering this is also my phone. Other applications will also run (i.e. Calendar, Contacts, or other application altogether), without any problem. Power consumption is not noticeably higher than before starting to use the music features.

Advantage, then, lies in only carrying about one device.

Second, the card, and actually this is more about the first card I used. That one is also a 2 Gb card, but is a mini rather than a micro. The one difference I've noticed is that the Treo seems to like the Micro in a Mini-Converter better than the Mini card itself. With the Mini in, the device frequently informed me that the card had been removed, when it hadn't actually been touched at all. Not sure what's up with that.

We now return you to your otherwise even more boring Friday.
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