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Conversations. I'm big on the whole concept of choosing my own attitude, and I hold internal conversations as part of my ... I don't know. Staying focused during the morning commute. Today's topic covered I think I'm not being particularly social and verbose here, not journaling much as it were, and I contemplated this because today I'm just not feeling much more than blech.

Not ill. I do not feel ill. My nose is running, intermittently, and that's all accountable as sinus allergy drainage. I just do not feel more than blech.

Hence the choices thing, as I tell myself I can choose my attitude. Choose more than blech.


Furthermore, perusal of the LJ Archive link, or the Calendar listing of entries, shows that I'm making between three and ten entries a week. Variable? Yes. Hardly unsocial or un-verbose.

So. Eh. The Frivolous Friday Poll was fun. I'm surprised more people didn't pick the Ticky, but then again, that merely demonstrates their making choices too.
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