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Why yes, I do remember the dream from last night, why do you ask?

Looking at/for a house to purchase (not sure why, am not planning on selling Teh Ranch). Found one, though Herself wasn't with me. Old place, being restored, almost done. Large place. So large, in fact, that the conscious mind after waking said, 'Self, that wasn't a house, it was a bloody hotel.'

I recall thinking, looking into a room on the ground floor, that it could be my photo studio. Then I went upstairs, looked down the extent (and expanse) of the upstairs, uninterupted by walls, and said, No, this is my photo studio. Hardwood floors needing refinishing, the age of the building, and a couple of smaller (relative, all things are relative) rooms to one side with either an electrician or plasterer working in them. Somewhen in this part of the dream is when I measured (by pacing) the length of the house walking from one end to the other. A mere 305 m (1000 feet).

And, at the far end I entered another room, filled with marvelous antique clutter, looking much like an attic, and thinking ah wonderful props for the studio. Then I found a meeting going on, in this room, of a number of surgeons I used to work with in OR. I ignored them, cataloging the windfall of properties for photosessions.

And the price of this huge house? Why, of course, in today's economy a mere 2K. Or, was it 200K? Not totally clear on that part.
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