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Woke up from dream state sleep when the alarm went off. Do not remember any details from this dream, which is a more normal state of affairs for self. Do, however, still and will for a bit yet feel very groggy, also a normal state of affairs for self when woken from dream state sleep. Rgggnmph? with this.

Coffee helps, so may well go get some more.

Herself much appreciated her Hippie Birdbaths pressie, Season 1 (I believe called Series 1 for my other parts of the world friends) of The Tudors on DVD. This is on Showtime via Sky TV, and while the presentation of the history of HRH Henry VIII of England may be moving through a great deal of poetic/dramatic license, the settings, garb, and other aspects of the production appear to be spot-on examples of historical accuracy.

We enjoyed short ribs for dinner. Mmmmmm, Wellington.

Yes, I believe more coffee is in my near future.
Tags: herself, time, tired

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