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Trend Noted

It's a personal trend, it's recent, and I don't recommend it as being trendy other than it is a trend. Well, personally, anyway, whatever. Friday and Saturday nights, I sleep great. Sunday through Thursday nights, not so much. What. Ehvar.

Along with the not so trendy sleeping trend comes bits and pieces of dream recall again. I've said it before, it actually concerns me when I remember even that I dreamt, much less what I dreamt. And thatwordgrrl, I've no idea what your name was doing in the just before the alarm clock dream, but it was there, all signature-ish in fancy script handwriting... Betnoir...

Not that you aren't welcome in my dreams, just I'm not sure what it were all about. For damn sure I didn't see any swords. Nor plastic ponies nor rocket ships either. And Mr. Fillion was right out, much less Shepherd Book, Kaylee, Jayne, Inara, Simon, River, Wash or Zoe. What's with that?
Tags: dreams, life the universe and everything, sleep
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