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I Need a Weather Icon. *G*

The simple report is, we're wet. The lengthier report I'm going to emulate a friend and lift directly from an e-mail to them. This returns a similar favour with the same friend, as they'll simply need to read it over again. Well, if they want, as I think I'll put it Under the Cut. Just for practice. And for those who don't care about the weather.

Watched the Weather Channel before leaving teh Ranch. The fact that we've got SkyTV reception says a lot in itself, including we've still got power. Got some wind last night, and quite a bit of rain. The KitnzOfApocalypse were and are a bit stressed, as It Is Wet Out. The Bros barked defiantly at the wind. The goats all said their usual. Iiits wee-eeet. Maake iit Stooopppp. Cows and horses proved bovine and equine stoicism is alive and prospering in North Central Baja Jorja.

Traffic this morning, at least out on the highway, about par for the day of week and time. Exception, no school bus to be seen anywhere, including over on Ms Peggy's property. She drives a bus for Levy County, and we leave about the same time usually. I frequently see the bus lights flashing as she does her 'pre-flight' checks. Not today. Levy County Schools are closed. Sensible. The rest of us, though, we were heading in to work as normal. Hey, it's just a tropical storm.

University is closed, essential personnel only. Today, essential personnel include Housing personnel, as students may continue to check in to dormitory housing. University Physicians closed for the day, probably notified most of their patients as the only ones I saw downstairs showed indication of being something urgent. Once I got past the Interstate coming into town, though, traffic dropped way down.

Hospital, of course, is open. The OR schedule, though, is particularly light, indicating that many elective cases were postponed.

Once I got into my office I checked the NOAA website and saw the advisory which puts the center of Fay right over... US! Yes, the center is located 'near Gainesville, and about 105 km (65 miles) north-east of Cedar Key'.

This concludes this morning's weather report from North Central Baja Jorja, where the center of Tropical Storm Fay is Directly Overhead of Hospital.


remind me again why I went into Nursing, please?
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