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Successful So Far

At being a quiet weekend that is. Houdini, Squrrl and I made rounds this morning. I could hear horny goats before even leaving the House, so I knew I wanted reinforcements while feeding goats. And the Bros did well. Plus, I suspect they also went and told a neighbor dog that it shouldn't ought to be over on this side of the road.

I am really quite amused by The New Adventures of Queen Victoria today. The link should open in a new window/tab, as may be. If not, just follow the link via either my Flist or my info page. We are tres amused.

I've been pulling 'hitchhikers' out of Houdini's fur today; seed pods of some sort from something growning on teh Ranch, probably over by hog pen #2, which we went over to check their water flow. They're in good shape. Herself told me this morning she'd turned off their trickle water because they'd gotten quite wet, and with our daytime temps being in the upper 30's C (high 90's F) the hogs get the benefit of some wet. Yesterday and today with the overcast, and some rain, not so hot.

Did get some work done on new icons today, as well as sorting through photos which need their final touches for an upload, probably to Flickr. I do need to work on upgrading my more personal website, by which I mean my photography website. I don't advertise it much anymore, as it is at least four years out of date. I say four because one of the links from the home page is to my Brother & Sister-in-law's boat website. Not part of the world anymore; boat was sold after Bro died. That web site hasn't been functional for nearly that long.

As should be.

Am expecting Herself home sometime this evening, unless the weather shows significant signs of changing for the better. Not expecting that, what with Gustav out there in the Gulf. Called her with a weather update this morning, letting her know we're fine here and what the overall is to be like. They had enough light rain all day Saturday on site that she said they're all pretty much over it, and planned on packing up and leaving today (a day early). Still, I don't expect her until late.

Houdini is nudging me that it's about time to go round, and feed the Ranch critters. So, until tomorrow, TTFN.
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