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Entirely too much lately

I waited on this, and to be honest even as I write it, it may not make the posting "click" when that point arrives. There's been entirely too much of this lately anyway, so what purpose served for another meandering down the path? After all, it's part and parcel, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End. Just deal with it.

Last night, for whatever reason but with the conscious purpose of going out to dinner with SWMBO, I wandered into the Current Middle Ages again. This happens every now and again, on the odd occasion when dressing up semi-formal or formal wants to be something other than the Not A Tuxedo I wear to such occasions in what the inhabitants of the Current Middle Ages call the Mundane World. It's another interesting experience in theater, a personal understanding of what those friends of mine who are involved in Theater and what public interviews of professionals in Theater and Cinema comment about: putting on the clothing associated with a role helps bring that character into the Now.

Posture, gait, mannerisms all shift and fall into place quite naturally, and the Me that deals with Life on a Daily Basis sits back and takes a break. It's a different persona that's driving the Life Bus now, a different Me, and the world view shifts with it. But somehow, it is still... Me. I do believe I expected events to unfold as they did, whichever Me would be driving, and I do believe that constituted part of the reason for going, not simply the pleasure of an opportunity to dress semi-formally.

On January 1 a good friend, one who passed the occasional greeting through other channels that cross between the Current Middle Ages and the Mundane World, but rare personal contact because our circles marched to different drummers, departed this mortal coil unexpectedly. That is what there's been entirely too much of lately, and that's part of why I didn't put anything up here in LJ World either publicly or friends-filtered. Enough is, some happenstance, enough, and needs not be added to the general weight of unpleasant circumstances. Particularly when such circumstances in a personal world built to a major point, also unexpectedly and suddenly, several months ago. And continued to do so over those several months.

Master Jed Silverstar and I shared a household for a time, which took the name Chez Tsunami for a major plumbing fault. In light of current international events, that name seems something less than humorous just today. Yet I celebrate it now, for the friendship. We sang and made music together, worked on historical and fantasy clothing, and smoothed the bumps and jolts of rough scansion from poetry and lyrics. We bounced ideas for other art projects around the walls until the rough edges were worn off and something approaching Art showed through. We confronted neighbors that didn't understand us, or wished to force a local conformity into our lives despite or because of decisions those neighbors made for themselves. Particularly those decisions those same neighbors made about us, and our relationship, without bothering to ask. We enjoyed the fact that our presence contributed to a distinct lack of boredom in that particular neighborhood... particularly when Majir joined us.

Within the Kingdom of Trimaris, we plotted and planned to cause our fellow Trimarians sore amazement. Our success at this proved varied. Still, to provoke a simple one-line comment from a newly-crowned Prince (back in the days of Principality) in said Prince's Court that, "I like your clothing," carried a great satisfaction.

It was a personal Golden Age.

If any of you reading this own the vinyl release of "Jed," you may (or may not) recall that it was recorded during the era of Chez Tsunami. One of my guitars features on a few cuts, and specifically on "Sand Dancer." Likewise, you may (or may not) be interested to learn that there is an effort underway to re-release that collection of original work on CD. I don't have a lot of information, but I do have a connection to the information's source.

Mostly, though, I write this to share with those I know through personal meeting, those I know through Ethereal meeting, and even those who never heard of Jed because they will find in their own circles those I never heard of as well...

Last night, Tsuji Ryuzo made time to raise cup and toast (for himself, and for others):

To Absent Friends.


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