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This is not a Beatle's song. Well, Yesterday is, but not my entry.

Made rounds with Smudge, Houdini, and Herself. Got everybody squared away. Then we ate breakfast. Eggs, courtesy of the New DirtyYardbird Hens. Ah, nothing quite like fresh eggs.

Did some book-keeping. Excitement, what?

Then we got ready to go to office partner wedding. Her (now husband) works out at the Austin Cary Memorial Forest to the northeast of Hoggetowne, and the wedding and reception were held at their conference center. It's a nice log-cabin kind of place, with a huge deck overlooking a pond. The pond, like a lot of other water-holes around North Central Baja Jorja shows the effects of the past few years of drought, with indications the overall water level is down about 12' (3 meters, less a bit).

Wedding started at 17:30, so just before sundown. Nice ceremony, office partner filled the role of beautiful bride quite well, her Intended the role of handsome groom. I greatly enjoy the fact that she wore cowgirl boots with her gown. Very nice, dressy ones. So did the flower girl (her young cousin). From the looks of it, in fact, Bride and Flower Girl wore matching boots.

There are a number of 'gators living in that pond, and I managed a few photos of some. Also some nice photos of the wedding and outdoor portion of the reception before light started to wane. Also a couple artsy-fartsy photos even after it got dark. My classmates lo these many seasons past, in the only formal photography class I've ever taken, often accused me of making photographs in available darkness.

So, home and off to bed late but not terribly so. Slept until around 08:00 when Houdini quite adamantly told me it was time to be out of bed. This despite some particularly ... well, not sure I can say that as I'm not remembering much about the dream but wanted to say particularly strange. Star Trek involved. Just... odd. That's the feeling I still get about the dream(s).

Brings us to here, following coffee and a bit of Houdini chasing.
Tags: houdini, life the universe and everything, photography, ranch

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