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Am I Amused?

Posed, sort of, as a question for the Flist. It's from spam. I mean, I don't recognise the source address, and it's all in Cyrillic alphabet as well. Using Alta-Vista's Bablefish to translate produces this:

You should move, in this case preserve the personal effect and spend the minimum of forces and nerves. We will solve your task accurately, also, in time. Let us care about your passage from the very beginning For the observance of the conditions of transportation and the safety of your property we bear responsibility! If necessary the dismantling of equipment and his installation at the new place.


Is this an ad, offering to provide me with services?
Is this a horoscope, providing an insight into what might be a course of action soon in my future?
Why am I hearing this in the Ot-tar Vihm's voice?

No, never mind that last. I know why I'm hearing it in Vihm's voice.
Tags: humour, life the universe and everything, spam

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